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Nortem  panels are simple to install and are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and shapes. Learning a little more about these impressive architectural wall claddings will help your next renovation or new space look great for years to come. Like any other investment, choosing the best is of utmost importance.

 Exterior Metal Cladding

By: Jason Crawford  | June 9, 2016

 When it comes to modernizing design aspects in the GTA, exterior metal cladding has been growing in popularity steadily. ACM panels are an excellent way to create a stunning modern look quickly and cost effectively. They can be an interesting way to add intrigue to a building and offer long lasting, sleek, smooth looks.


Aluminum Panels


 Aluminum composite panels are cut and formed from painted coils of aluminum. There are different types of paint that can be applied, each with a set of attributes that make use in different environments possible. Aluminum itself is highly resistant to corrosion and, like the rest of the wall cladding systems from the most sought after fabricator, is one-hundred percent recyclable. It’s great peace of mind for anyone trying to do their part for the environment while still accomplishing the perfect look for their space. Regardless of the environment ACM panels are to be installed, there’s a finish that will excel.




 One of the most interesting aspects of Nortem panels is their versatility. While definitely a great choice for cladding exterior walls, the most respected in the Nortem panel fabrication industry have products better suited to interior walls as well. They’re a great resource for residential, commercial, and even industrial applications. The abundance of colours, shapes, and sizes makes finding the right panel for your unique space a breeze. With so many options available, finding the one that fits perfectly into your current or proposed design scheme is a pleasant experience.


Top Quality


 There’s certainly no shortage of companies making aluminum panels, but not all are even close to equal. One way to gain a little insight into the quality of a product is whether or not a warranty is included, and the length of the warranty. Warranties provide valuable insight into the lengths through which a company will go to stand behind their products, and therefore, the quality one could reasonable expect from a particular product. The most dependable fabricator in the industry offers a comprehensive warranty of up to forty years on their products. Four decades is an industry leading warranty that people should understand to be the very best possible.


 For those in the GTA, exterior metal cladding can be an excellent way to finish a project. There are stunning choices to be made in terms of shape, size, and colour, and the finished results are always modern and smooth. Just be sure to contact only a fabricator offering an outstanding warranty on their products. Contact them today to learn more about the choices available that would best suit your project. You might just end up with a finish that you didn’t think was possible for a price you may not have imagined.

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