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The team are experience in building, installing the exterior design material and maintaining commercial and domestic properties of all sizes across Ontario

Simply put,  we deliver high-quality building and construction projects. We take every measure to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget, with minimum downtime to your home or business.

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The company is motivated by a robust approach that combines the best elements from traditional forms with a modern aesthetics. The results are an outstanding solution with a clear and seamless integration. Nortem’s panels punctuate the façade complimenting glass and stone, creating an unexpected warm and high end atmosphere with features that impress.

What Our Costumers say

A very good first experience. As a tradesperson I appreciated the attention to detail and quality, and was surprised by how responsive and pleasant the company was to deal with. The next time I need a creative and efficient product for a house, this is who I'll call.

Ben Scott

Very punctual company, architects in this company are very percise and responsive, always taking care of problems as they arise. Installers came prepared with good attitude and worked very efficently while not making a mess. This was my first time experience with this company and I am very pleased with my purchace.

Ivan Serebriakov




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